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A partnership with BNRG connects you with one of the world’s most experienced solar farm developers and one of the only full life-cycle solar companies working across the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Our success is based on our fiscal and technological rigour and our flexibility in a dynamic industry.

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Our successful track record in financing, developing and operating solar assets across multiple geographies is thanks in large part to the capabilities of our in-house commercial and structured finance team.

Long-term partnerships with funders and investors, our experience in debt finance, our familiarity with innovative investment products and our unmatched knowledge of the renewables landscape have allowed us to fully fund more than 200 MW of BNRG solar assets that today deliver a stable return for investors, with an active pipeline in excess of 1.5 GW in development.



Look after your land by looking after its long-term future through a low-impact, zero-emission solar harvesting infrastructure. You can continue to crop or graze around the solar panels, while benefiting from stable rental income in lease agreements of up to 40 years.

The growing solar energy market allows you to turn sunlight into a crop that creates value now and for the next generation, and helps combat climate change by delivering clean electricity to local communities and the grid. Working directly with you, we design, build and operate the equipment in bespoke deployments created to match your needs and the unique requirements of your property.



BNRG has already a deep connection with many development partners in its markets. Our valued partnerships with local on the ground developers are among the most essential, allowing us to realise the full potential of appropriately sited land for solar farm development. We provide full finance for projects and our seasoned project managers, design engineers and senior leadership team all offer boots - on - the - ground experience across the full project life-cycle, from site selection through construction, operation and ongoing management.


Asset owners

BNRG has earned a reputation for delivering on-time, on-target solar developments that deliver immediate and long-term value, with over $400m invested to date in successful projects in the UK, Ireland, US and Australia.

We manage the full life-cycle from initial financing through construction and operation, and we’ve developed a name for ourselves as a business that’s committed to our partners, open to innovation and passionate about our mission to change the world through clean, affordable solar energy. We partner with asset owners to ensure your investment is well placed, allowing you to share in the growing solar market through reliable, utility-scale solar developments.



Solar farms are a necessary feature of the 21st-century energy landscape, and we believe they can and should be developed in close partnership with the communities where they’re located.

It’s very important for us to discover and work with the values and priorities of the communities where our solar farms operate. We respond to and incorporate feedback from planners and local organisations, which ensures that the final deployment is both respectful of its surroundings and residents, and able to provide for its growing energy needs in a clean, affordable and efficient manner.


Power purchasers

BNRG’s solar projects currently produce +150,000 MWh of clean, affordable solar electricity with in excess of 1.5 GW under development to help us meet the need for green energy in this and coming decades.

We work directly with utilities and other power purchasers to provide dependable supplies that allow them to meet their customers’, or their own growing requirements. Talk to us about long-term power purchase agreements that offer price certainty with no compromise on reliability, and be a part of the answer to the planet’s climate challenges.

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